San Diego Area Highway System

Major Highway Systems of San Diego

There are multiple roads crisscrossing the city of San Diego, California. Some are wide-lane Interstate freeways, while some are small stretches of road designated as State Routes. Most of these roads are half a century old, dating all the way to the 1950s. Some routes are also from the old US Route 80, dating all the way to the 1940s. In this document we shall be discussing some of the more important roads for the city, all of these important roads are Interstate freeways. This is in order to allow you to have a hassle-free trip to the city.

First of all, we have Interstate 15, which in its entirety, spans from the US-Mexico border all the way to the US-Canada border in the north. But in this document, we shall be discussing the parts of the road within California, the parts within the city to be precise. The freeway’s point of origin is inside the city’s administrative borders, near the suburb of Southcrest. Intersecting with Interstate 5, which we shall be discussing later on, the road continues to run in a northward manner, intersecting with State Route 94 in doing so. It becomes concurrent with I-805 in a 1km stretch of road, before splitting with it just two kilometers south of the suburb of Normal Heights. The freeway then intersects with another Interstate, this time with Interstate 8. The road then continues north, passing through much of rural San Diego and crossing paths with State Route 52, before exiting the city itself on the way to Escondido.

As talked about earlier, there is Interstate 5. Starting in San Ysidro, it’s auxiliary, I-805, quickly splits from it towards the northeast, we shall talk about both Interstates. Interstate 5 passes through much of downtown San Diego, especially through its coastal zones, while Interstate 805 passes through the eastern parts of the downtown area. Both Interstates share the distinction of being intersected by State Route 94, Interstate 8, and State Route 52. Both routes merge together inside city limits, just a few kilometers north of University of California San Diego. The now combined freeway continues in a northward direction, intersecting with State Route 56, before exiting the city’s administrative boundaries altogether. This route is good if coming from the airport, as it practically covers its eastern side.

All of the previously discussed Interstate roads all go in a south to north direction, Interstate 8 is unique in the way that it instead goes towards a west to east direction. Starting in the suburb of Ocean Beach, it begins with a slight northeastern incline. The freeway goes through the suburbs of Midway District, Mission Valley, Mission Valley East, College West, and College East, before exiting the city of San Diego on the way to the neighboring town of La Mesa. The road, as stated earlier, intersects with Interstates 5, 805, and 15. It also intersects with State Route 163. A similar road to I-8 is State Route 52 further north but still within city limits, which also goes west to east.

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